“More of This”

Single: Released October 20, 2023

The Song Gardeners’ single, “More of This,” is a funky pop dance song with disco elements that invites listeners to dance in gratitude while wishing for more of the good things in life. By staying present, heart-centered, and in appreciation of what we cherish, we create more of what we want to experience – a world filled with freedom, peace, love, unity, harmony, happiness, joy and bliss.

The song kicks off with a percussive beat featuring bongos, hi-hat and chimes followed by a grooving bass line, clapping and synth. Writer and lead vocalist Mary Gospe sings “More of This” before describing some of the things she cherishes:

Holding hands, a lover’s kiss
Sun breaking through the mist
Baby’s smile, a hug that lasts
Enjoy this moment, release the past

Verse two layers in a four-on-the-floor drum beat, distorted synth and Corrie Dunn’s gorgeous harmonies before leading into the pre-chorus and chorus:

Here’s our intention, here’s our ask…

More of this please, more of this, ooohhh
Make a wish please, for more of this

The bridge is a powerful intention which builds with intensity and three-part harmony: 

Peace, love and unity – feel into the energy
Peace, love and harmony – feel into the energy
Feel into the energy – peace, love and harmony, harmony…

The outro adds an additional intention for:

Happiness, joy and bliss
More of this, more of this, more of this 

“More of This” delights with Mary Gospe’s soulful lead and backing vocals; Corrie Dunn’s glorious harmonies; James Butler’s drums, percussion, bass and synth; and David Scheibner’s guitar, and additional synths. Produced, mixed and mastered by David Scheibner

Released on October 20, 2023, “More of This” is available on all popular streaming platforms.

“Future Lives”

Single: Released August 1, 2023

#4 on the August 2023 New Age Music Chart
#8 on the September 2023 New Age Music Chart
#43 on the September 2023 One World Music Radio Top 100 Singles Chart
Nominated for Best Single for August 2023 by One World Music Radio

Future Lives,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, features Corrie Dunn on lead vocals and piano. The song resonates with Mary Gospe singing soulful harmonies. The musically gifted James Butler provided synths and bass/drum beats. Our talented producer, David Scheibner, added guitars, synths, and magical touches to the mix.

The Song Gardeners contemplate the phases of life in their new single “Future Lives”. The song lyrics describe three main stages. The first is the early stage, which takes place from birth through childhood when we are full of curiosity about the world…a time when drastic mental and physical growth can occur. We then merge into the young and middle adulthood stage where we try to find our authentic self and shed the expectations of our family and society. Before we know it, we reach the mature stage where we have experienced a lifetime of memories and moments that can be passed on to shape the future lives of the next generation.

The song starts with a jazzy groove set by the keyboard and bass where Corrie Dunn sings beautiful lead vocals. The first two verses build on a similar melodic theme about growing through the stages of life.

Some rules never change, we are born innocent
As the years carry us from stage to stage
There’s no turning back, so let’s pass on what we’ve learned to the future lives.

In the outro section of the song, the musical theme shifts to a more complex rhythmic melody, which reflects the growth and many experiences we have gained throughout the years.

Walking the line, speaking your mind, keeping the time…
A new generation taking over; letting it be, keeping it free
From the walls of conventionality.

The final lyric, “Falling down on your face, is like falling into Grace”, sung in 4-part harmony by Corrie and Mary is meant as a homage to trying over and over until you get it right. The experience is as important as the outcome. We develop wisdom in old age that can help change or better future lives.


Photos by Corinne Landphere.

“April Sky”

Single: Released April 1, 2023

#3 on the April 2023 New Age Music Chart
#12 on the May 2023 One World Music Radio Top 100 Singles Chart
Wins 3rd place for Best Single for March 2023 by One World Music Radio

Humans have been gazing at stars, planets, meteors and comets in awe and wonder since the beginning of time. We look to the night sky for enjoyment, navigation and astrological guidance.

“April Sky,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, is a pop dance song that celebrates our celestial neighbors and the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy. In the song, we hear Mary Gospe on lead vocals describing an experience of stargazing and praising the sights…

This cosmic dance is a seducing trance, that fills me with delight
The Milky Way is on display, a show for us each night

then she hears a message back…

In this April sky, constellations align, to send a message, pure and true
“We’re here, they say, and if you look our way, we’ll give you guidance and direction
Love, light and protection, under this April Sky”

Thus a beautiful relationship is strengthened between humanity and the cosmos.

The song draws the listener in with an enticing ethereal atmosphere before dropping into a four-on-the-floor dance pop beat with delicious piano, tantalizing synth and driving bass line. “April Sky” shines with Mary Gospe’s joyful lead vocals; Corrie Dunn’s piano and celestial harmonies; James Butler’s tasty synth, bass and percussion; and David Scheibner’s melodious guitar, drums and additional synths. Produced, mixed and mastered by David Scheibner.

“The Little Things”

Single: Released January 11, 2023

Debuts at #2 on the New Age Music Chart, Jan. 2023; #8 in Feb. 2023
#3 on One World Music Radio Top 100 Singles Chart, Feb. 2023
#9 on New Age Notes Radio Top 10 Chart, Feb. 2023
Nominated for Best Single for January 2023, One World Music Radio

The Song Gardeners continue to grace their music with positive messages with “The Little Things”. In this day and age when we are focused on looking at the big picture, it is easy to forget that we are defined by the little things in life that make us happy.

Inspired by the art exhibit of friend and artist Corinne Landphere, Corrie Dunn wrote the lyrics and music while reflecting on the little things that bring joy to her life as she sings lead vocals…

A song from the past, the moon in the night, holding a hand that feels just right…
The stars in the sky, the look in your eyes when you’re happy…”

The music is infused with gospel elements brought to life by Mary Gospe’s soulful harmonies, James Butler’s beautiful piano, bass, and drums; and David Scheibner’s melodious guitar and synths. David also produced and mixed the song which builds to a powerful a cappella section as Corrie and Mary sing:

“It’s the little things that put a smile on my face,
It’s the little things that make this world a better place.”

The Little Things - The Song Gardeners, written by Corrie M. Dunn


Released August 25, 2022
Debuts at #4 on the New Age Music Chart

The newest release from The Song Gardeners is the dreamy, introspective single “Within.” This “mantra-pop” song invites listeners to go inward and explore who they truly are–to live from the inside out, creating their lives from an empowered place of love, gratitude, compassion, courage, resiliency and creativity. The song ends with a powerful call to action: “the love you feel inside is what you bring to the world, feel it now… within.”

The music is ethereal with a hypnotic beat, featuring Mary Gospe’s heartfelt and angelic lead vocals, Corrie Dunn’s gorgeous harmonies, James Butler’s warm bass and David Scheibner’s atmospheric synth.

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Within - The Song Gardeners


Released April 12, 2022
Debuts at #1 on the One World Music Radio Singles chart and #2 on the New Age Music chart.
Winner: Best New Age Vocal Song by New Age Notes Radio Music Awards, March 2023.

The Song Gardeners once again gift us with their ability to compose music with a message in their latest release “Present”. Written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, “Present” starts with a funky bass line setting up a dance groove that continues throughout this joyfully rhythmic song. The lyrics describe the importance of being present and in the moment when relating to one another. Corrie Dunn sings lead with her melodically soothing voice.

At a time when people are connected to their cell phones and distracted by the stresses of life, “Present” reminds us of the importance of tuning in to a conversation by listening and looking as we converse. Mary Gospe adds her lovely voice to the harmony as she joins in the chorus…

Be Here, Be Now
Be One with the moment
 Feel the light shine deep in your soul
Be Free, Be Love
Be Life in all glory
Feel the energy
Be Present with me

Words and Music by Corrie M. Dunn; words by Mary P. Gospe; produced and mixed by David Scheibner. Recording Personnel: Corrie Dunn: lead vocal, backing vocals, Nord Keyboard; Mary Gospe: backing vocals; James Butler: bass, keyboard; David Scheibner: guitars.

Within - The Song Gardeners

“Present” Awards and Nominations

We are thrilled to have our song, “Present,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, win Best New Age Vocal Song in the New Age Notes Radio Music Awards. Thank you to Dyan Garris and the judges. “Present” is also nominated for Best Vocal Single by One World Music Radio. Winners will be announced on May 27.

“People Passing Through”

Released October 1, 2021
Title track to The Song Gardeners’ award-winning debut album.

The Song Gardeners continue to define the New Age pop genre with the release of “People Passing Through” written by Corrie Dunn. Musical elements include a 1970s Fender Rhodes, atmospheric synths, and urban beats which set the tone for beautiful lyrics that remind listeners we are all passing through this world full of wonder.

Corrie Dunn’s lyrics relay sublime thoughts on living in the moment and offering the knowledge we’ve acquired to a new generation…

Living each day in the moment
We’re stepping together in time
Offering a lifetime of knowledge
To those we leave behind

Corrie Dunn accompanies her lovely lead vocals on the Fender Rhodes. The song draws listeners in as the bridge and chorus build with the beautiful, soulful harmonies of Mary Gospe.

“People Passing Through” is a love song for the people in our lives and those who have passed through this world.

“Harmony of Contrast”

Released June 21, 2021
Debuts at #4 on BOTH the New Age Music Chart and One World Music Singles Chart.

The Song Gardeners continue their exploration of New Age pop with their latest release, “Harmony of Contrast.” Written by Mary Gospe and David Scheibner, this celebration of diversity invites listeners to get up and dance to its 70’s funk rhythm infused with 80’s pop.

Mary Gospe’s lyric weaves in art references and metaphors to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each of us, and that despite our differences, we can live together peacefully…

Like colorful pieces in the mosaic of life
We’re each unique shapes reflecting love and light
In an infinite mural painted on a sea of glass
We can live peacefully in a harmony of contrast

Mary Gospe’s lead vocals dance across the grooving bass line as Corrie Dunn adds her beautiful, soulful harmonies on the bridge and choruses. Words by Mary Gospe; Music by Mary Gospe and David Scheibner, produced and mixed by David Scheibner.

The cover art is from a painting by California artist Corinne Landphere. Titled “Somewhere You Feel Free,” the painting is an homage to Tom Petty’s song “Wildflowers.” Follow Corinne on Instagram.

The Song Gardeners, with their latest release “Reveal,” venture further into the arena of New Age pop. The track hints at World music with its subtle textures, including a nod to Enigma with a lyric that tackles a global issue that is close to the heart.

Written by Corrie Dunn, Mary Gospe and David Scheibner, Reveal is an invitation for women across the globe to break free of outdated patriarchal, religious and cultural norms that keep them silenced and hinder their choices and freedom of expression.

The song’s empowering chant is sung in Farsi, Spanish and English by Mary Gospe.

    Women around the world unite, stand up for all to see
    Celebrate our diversity, divine femininity

Corrie Dunn is stunning on lead vocals as she sings “empower the people with freedom, to rise above life’s adversities” and “the future is in our hands now, a world with gender equality.” The song ends with a powerful round with both Corrie and Mary singing the bridge, chant and chorus.

“Warrior of Light”

Released January 21, 2021 – Debuts at #1 (NAMC)

#1 on New Age Music Chart for January 2021.
#5 on New Age Music Chart for September 2021.

Written as a response to the chaos of 2020, Mary Gospe’s song, “Warrior of Light,” (recorded by The Song Gardeners and produced by David Scheibner) is a song of courage and empowerment. Discern your own truth, shift from fear to love and:

Stand up! Reclaim your sovereignty
Stand up! For what you believe
Stand up! Create a new story
Stand up! Peacefully, peacefully
Activate the love inside, be a warrior, warrior of light

(Read the full lyric)

Mary Gospe: lead vocals; Corrie Dunn: piano and backing vocals; Chris Day: bass; David Scheibner: production, mixing and guitars.

“Love Is the Magic of Change”

Released November 11, 2020
Winner of the One World Music Radio “Oneness” Award.

The magic of love can change the world into a kinder, peaceful place. “Love Is the Magic of Change,” the #ChillJazz new single written by Corrie Dunn, recorded by The Song Gardeners, and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, celebrates our “oneness” and inspires us to better humankind. May you find this song soothing and inspiring as we work to heal and come together as families, communities, nationally and globally.

And we are one with the universe sparks of light
Connecting the people and places in our lives
And we are here for a moment in space and time
Inspiring each other to better humankind

Corrie Dunn:  synths, lead and backing vocals. Mary Gospe: backing vocals. Chris Day: bass. 

“Altered State”

Released September 15, 2020 

This new single has the words huge hit written all over it.”

                                           -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

“Altered State,” the #ChillGroove single written by Mary Gospe and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, invites listeners to escape the chaos and craziness of the world and dance their way into an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, freedom and love. The lyric video takes viewers on a trip through space courtesy of the NASA Hubble telescope.

I want a date with an altered state
I want to find a little peace of mind
I want to float in tranquility, so free
In the womb of all that is and ever will be

Mary is a long-time meditator and Altered State captures many of the joys of meditation including experiencing profound love and unity consciousness.

Mary Gospe: lead & backing vocals. Corrie Dunn: Keys and backing vocals. Chris Day: bass. David Scheibner: guitars.

“Love Flows”

Released June 18, 2020
Charts at #2; Nominated for “Best Vocal Single of 2020”

“Love Flows,” written by Mary Gospe and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, is a blessing for humanity. This mantra song / chant invites listeners to drop into a hypnotic, meditative state and experience peace and healing. Hear Mary’s inspiration for “Love Flows” including the meditation “Into The Stillness” by Wendy von Oech.

“Love Flows” reached #2 on the New Age Music Chart for June 2020, was a finalist in the 2020 Global Peace Song Awards, #4 on One World Music Radio’s  (OWMR) Top Tracks of 2020 and was nominated for the 2020 Best Vocal Single award by OWMR.

Mary Gospe: lead & back vox, flute. Corrie Dunn: piano & back vox. Additional guitars by David Scheibner. Chris Day: Cover photo and many photos of Yosemite National Park in the lyric video.

“Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu”
(May All Beings Be Well)

Released June 18, 2020

“Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” written by Corrie Dunn and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, translates to “May all beings be well.”

This mantra song, based on a Buddist chant, invites listeners to experience peace and love and to live with compassion and kindness. Hear Corrie’s inspiration for the song.

Corrie Dunn: lead & backing vocals, piano. Mary Gospe: backing vocals. Additional guitars by David Scheibner.