More of This

Released 10.20.23

Future Lives

Released 8.1.23

#4 on the Aug. 2023 New Age Music Chart
#8 on the Sept. 2023 New Age Music Chart

April Sky

Released 3.31.23

#3 on New Age Music Chart
#12 on One World Music Radio Singles Chart
3rd Place for Best Single for March 2023 – OWMR

The Little Things

Released  January 11, 2023

#2 on New Age Music Chart
#3 on One World Music Radio Top 100 Singles Chart
#9 on New Age Notes Radio Top 10 Chart

Nominated for Best Single January 2023 – OWMR

The Song Gardeners
From left: Corrie Dunn & Mary Gospe
Photo credit: Mike Gospe

The Song Gardeners, founded in August 2019 by singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, are at the forefront of the New Age Pop genre. Along with their producer, David Scheibner, they create well-crafted contemporary songs with positive, empowering messages and a chill, groove vibe.

The award-winning band performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. View upcoming shows.

In a time of uncertainty and crisis, Mary Gospe, Corrie Dunn, and producer David Scheibner, seem heaven-sent with their hopeful and inspiring music. The seed The Song Gardeners planted has grown into something profoundly inspiring and meaningful; they have revitalized the New Age music pop genre for the 2020s–combining the best of pop and New Age music with a winning attitude.
BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

The Song Gardeners are the most exciting new age band on the planet. They have literally changed the course of the genre over the last few years with their upbeat, almost pop mantra style, with many hit singles and a superb debut album, they are now trail blazers for this type of music.
Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

The Song Gardeners are dynamic musical duo whose music is a decidedly cool mix of well-crafted chill and pop with funky grooves, along with uplifting and empowering lyrics. Their music is not merely an artistic expression but also a catalyst for positive change, urging people to recognize the power they have in making a difference on individual levels as well as in the world.
Dyan Garris, New Age Notes & New Age CD

Single: “More of This” Released October 20, 2023

“More of This,” is a funky pop dance song with disco elements that invites listeners to dance in gratitude while wishing for more of the good things in life. By staying present, heart-centered, and in appreciation of what we cherish, we create more of what we want to experience – a world filled with freedom, peace, love, unity, harmony, happiness, joy and bliss.

The song kicks off with a percussive beat featuring bongos, hi-hat and chimes followed by a grooving bass line, clapping and synth. Writer and lead vocalist Mary Gospe sings “More of This” before describing some of the things she cherishes:

Holding hands, a lover’s kiss
Sun breaking through the mist
Baby’s smile, a hug that lasts
Enjoy this moment, release the past

Verse two layers in a four-on-the-floor drum beat, distorted synth and Corrie Dunn’s gorgeous harmonies before leading into the pre-chorus and chorus:

Here’s our intention, here’s our ask… 

More of this please, more of this, ooohhh
Make a wish please, for more of this

The bridge is a powerful intention which builds with intensity and three-part harmony:

Peace, love and unity – feel into the energy
Peace, love and harmony – feel into the energy
Feel into the energy – peace, love and harmony, harmony…

The outro adds an additional intention for:

Happiness, joy and bliss
More of this, more of this, more of this 

“More of This” delights with Mary Gospe’s soulful lead and backing vocals; Corrie Dunn’s glorious harmonies; James Butler’s drums, percussion, bass and synth; and David Scheibner’s guitar, and additional synths.

Released on October 20, 2023, “More of This” is available on all popular streaming platforms. Listen now.

Reviews of “More of This”

This almost disco styled anthem is going to be a huge hit with their fans and new listeners, and just when the world needs it too. More of This is performed by Mary Gospe with her soulful lead performance, and Corrie Dunn’s harmonic convergence of bliss. Lyrically The Song Gardeners always manifest just what is needed and at the right time, and never has there been a better time to fill the globe with love and positivity, and this can be found in abundance via the medium of this wondrous song of gratitude, by the most exciting new age band on the planet, The Song Gardeners. Read full review.

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

“More Of This,” is a fun, upbeat song that invites the listener to focus on the important things in life. The vocal harmonies between Mary and Corrie are always outstanding, but particularly here. Along with James Butler’s drums, percussion, bass, and synth, plus David Scheibner’s guitar, and additional synths, indeed, we find ourselves wanting more of this. This is one that sticks in your head long after the music stops. Very nicely done. Read full review.

Dyan Garris

New Age Notes

“More of This” is a must-list song for everyone aspiring to celebrate life. The exhilarating feeling you discover in the song makes you want to listen to it repeatedly. The Song Gardeners have done a fantastic job with the lyrics and music of the song and the impact the song can deliver is superb, making it one of the most laudable creations in the New Age Pop genre. –Read full review.

Vivek Kumar

New Music Alert

Single: “Future Lives” Released August 1, 2023

#4 on the Aug. 2023 New Age Music Chart
#8 on the Sept. 2023 New Age Music Chart

“Future Lives,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, features Corrie Dunn on lead vocals and piano. The song resonates with Mary Gospe singing soulful harmonies. The musically gifted James Butler provided synths and bass/drum beats. Our talented producer, David Scheibner, added guitars, synths, and magical touches to the mix.

The Song Gardeners contemplate the phases of life in their new single “Future Lives”. The song lyrics describe three main stages. The first is the early stage, which takes place from birth through childhood when we are full of curiosity about the world…a time when drastic mental and physical growth can occur. We then merge into the young and middle adulthood stage where we try to find our authentic self and shed the expectations of our family and society. Before we know it, we reach the mature stage where we have experienced a lifetime of memories and moments that can be passed on to shape the future lives of the next generation.

The song starts with a jazzy groove set by the keyboard and bass where Corrie Dunn sings beautiful lead vocals. The first two verses build on a similar melodic theme about growing through the stages of life.

Some rules never change, we are born innocent
As the years carry us from stage to stage
There’s no turning back, so let’s pass on what we’ve learned to the future lives.

In the outro section of the song, the musical theme shifts to a more complex rhythmic melody, which reflects the growth and many experiences we have gained throughout the years.

Walking the line, speaking your mind, keeping the time…
A new generation taking over; letting it be, keeping it free
From the walls of conventionality.

The final lyric, “Falling down on your face, is like falling into Grace”, sung in 4-part harmony by Corrie and Mary is meant as a homage to trying over and over until you get it right. The experience is as important as the outcome. We develop wisdom in old age that can help change or better future lives.

Photos by Corinne Landphere.

Reviews of “Future Lives”

Future Lives is less than five minutes long, but the amount of life wisdom and loving advice that it contains is nothing short of incredible! Corrie M. Dunn’s (lead) and Mary Gospe’s vocals are fantastic as always. The sound design on Future Lives is tremendous! James Butler’s synths, bass and drum beats, plus David Scheibner’s guitars, synths and production, ensure that all focus is on the song’s message. I’m amazed by The Song Gardener’s sincere and well-crafted poetry.” Read full review.

BT Fasmer

New Age Music Guide

“Future Lives” has broad appeal and features Corrie on lead vocals and piano with Mary singing beautiful harmonies. James Butler performs on synths and contributes bass/drumbeats. Producer David Scheibner adds guitars and synths to the wonderful mix. “Future Lives” sparkles in all aspects of the present. Artistically brilliant.” Read full review.

Dyan Garris

New Age Notes

“I believe this to be the best song that The Song Gardeners have ever created, and I would be astounded if this didn’t reach number one and win an award, it is that good, so please, please show some truly good taste and make Future Lives by The Song Gardeners part of your musical collections as soon as you can.” – Read full review.

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

“After a long search, I found this song a rare composition that helps break the monotony we have been used to in contemporary music. There is something magical about the song that penetrates deep into the core of your heart and converses intimately with your soul. I am sure, you will never be the same person after listening to the song. Corrie Dunn’s lead vocals bestow an exceptional charm to the production.  Mary Gospe has given her best by delivering soulful harmonies.” –Read full review.

Vivek Kumar

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